As the inspired love-child of our friends in Florida and Colorado, Retrorama is an ecclectic mix of older and younger players; though mostly older, curmudgeonly dudes who have let their eye-hand coordination skills deteriorate to pathetic levels. We hope to bridge the generations of both game lovers and concerned givers by playing really old games, very poorly, whilst lamenting our childhood, bickering about inane grown-up junk, and learning how to entertain viewers. We are definitely slow learners, but at least there's a Swear Jar.

In July 2012, our inaugural 48-hour effort raised $405.92 for; a charity who assists veterans and their families in dealing with the high psychological costs of war.

We plan on returning in March 2013 for a knock-down, drag-out festival of ineptitude that will surely leave our viewers several dollars lighter and saying, "what was THAT all about?"

Thank you for the inspiration, Andy & Will; and thank you for all the love, support and the whole being totally awesome and what-not you beautiful, beautiful Bottle Crew! /