What is this place?

    In December 2011, a group of high schoolers got together for a Zelda marathon for charity, and thus inspired a few individuals across this great country to begin their own marathon groups. Several organizations have been formed, thousands of dollars have been raised for dozens of charities, and we have no intention of stopping!

    The Bottle Crew is home to a group of people dedicated to daily video game streaming, international community, and seasonal charity marathons, including Mariothon, CO, TF2-24, and Retrorama.

    We have a Facebook group, Twitter, Forum, and even our own Minecraft server. There’s always something fun happening. We hope you’ll stick around. :)

When is the next stream/marathon?

    Be sure to follow the calendar that is featured on every stream page. This will let you know who will be streaming and when. Also doesn’t hurt to like us on Facebook!

Can my stream be featured on Bottle Crew?

    We love to expand our ever-growing streaming family! That’s how all of this started. If you are interested in streaming with the Bottle Crew, please email us at webmaster@bottle-crew.org to get more details.

This is an awesome place. I want to help out!

    The best part about the simple inception of this site is that it takes very little to sustain. The only thing that it needs on a consistent basis is funding for hosting, running our charity marathons, and other related costs. We are always looking at ways to improve the site and your experience. If you feel compelled, go ahead and click the donate button below. We greatly appreciate all levels of support.